Grant writing resources

We want to help you succeed. One of the ways we do that is through training resources. RSNA provides grant writing workshops, educational videos and courses in research techniques to help you further your career in the radiologic sciences.

Check out some of our most popular workshops and other training resources.

Writing a Competitive Grant Proposal
Advanced Course in Grant Writing
NIH Grantsmanship Workshop

Research development guides

Our research development guides will help you from clarifying your initial research idea to building an actual project for an R&E Foundation grant application. We put together a list of steps and questions to guide you through the process as well as a variety of helpful resources you can refer to at any time.

Helpful videos

In addition to workshops, these videos are excellent resources for both education and research grant applicants.

Overview of the R&E Foundation grant application process


Presented by Gayle E. Woloschak, PhD, former R&E Research Study Section chair, RSNA Advanced Course In Grant Writing instructor.


Overview of the challenges around education grant applications


Presented by Kitt Shaffer, MD, PhD, Past R&E Education Study Section chair.

About the R&E Foundation


Our Research & Education Foundation provides a critical source of early support for young investigators. Since the Foundation’s inception in 1984 we’ve awarded over 1,600 grants. That’s $70 million in funding for radiology research and improving patient care.